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1. Chikmagalur Weekend Getaway A Lifetime Thrilling Experience

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I have been waiting for long to write my first ever blog on thrilling scary, treacherous, mindboggling experience that I along with my few of the colleagues experienced at Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

I was quite skeptic before finalizing my trip to Chikmagalur because there were wild rumours that the mystic chikmagalur is a leopard infested area and one should not go during such rainy season. But I am an MBA finance graduate and believe in the theory of “High Risk, High Return” funda and hence decided to march out to explore the natural beauty at Chikmagalur.

I somehow convinced my colleagues- Rahul, Srikar and Sundeep for a mindblowing getaway to Chikmagalur because they have heard similar haunted stories at Chikmagalur.

We did the booking from and they assured us that the driver is going to make our Journey interesting. So, they gave us tourist cum driver and we started off our journey at early morning at around 6am. Car provided to us was in pristine condition and suitable to rusty treacherous roads of Chikmagalur.

While we were reaching near to the dense forest of chikmagalur, we decided to halt to enjoy water sports ride at Hassan.

But this was not enough, We just had 2 days to unravel chikmagalur and things to explore include- Mullayangiri peak, Bababudangiri,  Kemmangundi hill station, Hebbe Falls, Manikya Dhara, Bhadra wildlife sanctuary in our travel wish list.

Day 1, After enjoying the refreshing water sports ride, we booked a hotel near to chikmagalur bus stand and everyone of us took lunch/shower and thereafter quickly set off for a trip at Mullayangiri- Highest Peak in Karnataka at a height of 1900 m(approx. 6316 ft.)

We started at around 4pm in the evening for Mullayangiri trek and we were knowing that journey is definitely not going to be easy because of sharp weather turnaround as we start approaching nearby to the peak. Chilling bone breaking winds, dangerous steep rustic roads with almost no visibility but still that “junoon” in us and driver adventurous audacity keep pushing us to move ahead. Here is one of the picture taken at MUllayangiri when we covered almost half of the trek and time clocked 8pm.

We captured few more images during our trek to Mullayangiri which are attached below:

One of our friend Srikar was shivering due to chilling winds tinkering his bared body so we decided to have some hot eateables along with a sip of tea but later we felt, infact our hunger felt, that eatery was not enough and so we ordered every damn good tasty things from the shop like mirchi bhajji, chips, tea, coffee, biscuits and even smoke. Almost with ZERO visibility at 5200ft. and howling sounds coming from nearby, we were frightened to move forward and cab driver giving us jitters during the treacherous trek by showing his skid skills on the car. Dogs barking, Owls howling, Wolves creaking and sometimes the roaring coming from nearby made us freaked out. Our car almost broke down at top and there we have to get down at such scary weather and don’t know who will pounce upon us from the back. But anyhow, we all were enjoying the scary dark natural beauty and finally we reached back to our hotel with sumptuous dinner at the end.

Day 2, We set off for bababudangiri trek and Kemmangundi hill station at 6am in the morning.

Bababudangiri cave exemplifies the perfect picture of staying in peace and resting yourself in the lap of nature. Our driver told us lot many stories about Babbudangiri  that we were exhilarated by the importance of such place. We all made some wishes after hearing that whatever prayers offered over there get fulfilled soon.

After that we set off for Kemmangundi Hill station visit, the journey to kemmangundi goes through wild broken roads and one can find some animals like wild bore, sloth bear during the course.

Kemmangundi Hill station was set up by british officials to enjoy peace along with their buddies during leisure time

After exploring kemmangundi hill station and sumptuous lunch at Kemmangundi at hill top, we embarked our journey to Hebbe fulls which is considered to be full of leeches but still people enjoy the rustic beauty over there. We parked our car and took the government operated marshal to reach hebbe falls and there a trek of 1km to reach slippery hebbe falls

Our bodies caught the attention of leeches and as soon as we got down on the mysterious falls, leeches found the prey on us and later we realized that our cold blooded bodies are being enjoyed by leeches too. We immediately put perfume on our body to get rid off leeches and this marks our leechful diaries at Hebbel falls, Chikmagalur.

After taking natural showers and dubki at hebbe falls, we have reached the closing of the day and our body was so tired to cover another spot and hence we decided to set off for Bangalore with all of us being half sleepy, torn and worn from everywhere.



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