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Raigad Fort Mahad

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Here’s how I will like to describe our trip to Raigad Fort of June 2012…

“A group of 4 MBA Friends, A Chocolate-Coloured Maruti Ritz Car, Cool & Breezy Rainy Season with splendid mist along the way and loads of fun”

The boys on the road included Kunal, Prasad, Saroj & myself, all self-proclaimed mature, sober & rational gentlemen.

This was the time every married boy yearns for. Just look at this co-incidence:

  1. Kunal’s wife Pradnya was in Canada on her official deputation for 3 months & she wasn’t going to be back anytime soon
  2. Prasad’s wife Supriya was a house-wife, had just delivered a cute baby boy & was resting in her hometown in Coastal Karnataka, with no immediate plans of returning
  3. My wife, because of a leg-fracture, had taken a sabbatical from work and was in her hometown Jabalpur, with no plans of returning for another 5 months
  4. And Saroj was still a bachelor

Today when we talk of this, we call this period as HALLEY’S COMET, that appears & passes Earth only once in 76 years